North Spur Trail

Trail Name: North Spur Trail
Gilford, NH
Trail Description: Mike Ware. __________________________________________________________________________________________
North Spur Trail – Description

The North Spur Trail (elevation ~1540′) is blazed orange and is a continuation of the Old Weeks Road. It is a connecting trail between the Benjamin Weeks Trail (purple) and the Mt. Rowe Trail (blue).

Proceed north on the orange-blazed North Spur Trail from the junction where it leaves the Benjamin Weeks Trail (purple). The Benjamin Weeks Trail (purple) leaves this junction (sign) to the southeast to join the Ridge Trail (white) at the Flintlock pipes on Gunstock Mt. Ski Resort. The North Spur Trail proceeds north from this junction for 200 yds. and then bears right and coincides with a Gunstock Resort snow shoe trail (marked with orange markers and Atlas snow shoe signs). The North Spur Trail continues another 80 yds. to where it to joins the Mt Rowe Trail (blue).

Distance: 0.2 mi. (0.3 km), 125 ft., 10 min.