Round Pond Area

Description by Dave Roberts

Round Pond is probably the finest example in this area of a “remote” high altitude, mountain pond. Its shoreline is pristine and wild, and with 3/4 of the pond owned by the Boy Scouts and 1/4  owned by the state, this woodland gem should forever remain an unspoiled, wild pond. It is situated essentially in the middle of the Belknap Mountain Range, nestled in a high, mountain valley between three mountains: Suncook Mtn. to the west, Heator Mtn. to the north, and Mt. Klem to the east. At an elevation of 1652 ft. it is about 1150 ft. higher than Lake Winnipesaukee.

No brooks of consequence flow into it, so it must be fed primarily by cold springs. Its outflow brook, Suncook Brook, is the headwater of the Suncook River, which feeds a series of lakes to the south, including Upper and Lower Suncook Lakes. About 0.4 mi. after it exits the pond, a fine waterfall can be found on Suncook Brook, just below a series of steep cascades.

Round Pond is an important site to wildlife of the area, with many local species using it as a source of food and water, and with many migrant birds stopping off to feed and rest during spring and fall migration periods. With luck you can see moose, deer, bear, otters, beaver and many other smaller creatures on and around its shores. Many birds, including song birds, water birds, shore birds and birds of surrounding woodlands use it as an important source of food and shelter.

It is also an important resource for many people who find its quiet shores, its secluded atmosphere, and its pleasant scenery an effective remedy for the more deleterious effects of our frenetic modern lifestyle. There are a half dozen or so trails which lead into Round Pond, one of which is only a little more than a mile long. Some offer “loop hikes” from the Gunstock/Belknap area. Some of the trails just east of the pond offer great views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains and other vistas. Round Pond is truly one of this area’s natural treasures.