Griswold Scout Reservation

The following is from a pamphlet about the Reservation.

Since 1971, the Daniel Webster Council, Boy Scouts of America has owned and operated this outdoor education facility for the Scouting in New Hampshire, and for responsible recreational use by the general public. The Griswold Scout Reservation includes Hidden Valley Scout Camp and Camp Bell, which are operated for Scouting and the common good of the community.

The property consists of 3,270 acres, which are located in the towns of Gilford, Alton and Gilmanton. The Griswold Scout Reservation property has extensive undeveloped frontage on four Great Ponds. In addition, there are two large wetland areas which provide outstanding habitat for aquatic furbearers and a travel corridor for deer.

An additional 3,000 acres abuts the Reservation further enhancing the natural resource value of this area. In 1991, a Conservation Easement, held by the State of New Hampshire, was placed on the property to ensure that Scouting use and the conservation values of the property would be available for future generations. Much of the property as outlined on the map below is open to the public for passive recreation such as hunting and backcountry hiking.”

During the “off-season”, September through May, no permission is necessary to park at either Camp Bell or Hidden Valley. Parking is available in the main parking lot at either camp. The Scouts do ask for hikers to leave a basic trip plan in the window that gives us a general idea when they plan to leave the area. This helps them identify if a hiker is overdue and potentially in need of assistance. Name and phone number is also helpful. They ask that all vehicles remain in the parking lots and do not venture out onto camp roads.

The only time that “permission” is required is during their summer resident camp season. During the months of June, July, and August visitors are asked to check in at the Administration building at each camp. They will be logged in as “Easement Visitors”. They should also check out when they leave.

Dave Roberts cataloged a number of interesting features found on the Reservation on the map below. This list was compiled in the 1990’s and some features may not be exactly the same as they were when originally described.


Scout Camp property0001