This web site is intended to make easily accessible a variety of interesting information on trails and features in the Belknap Mountain Range in the Lakes Region of NH. Its content benefits significantly from the collaboration of Dave Roberts and Hal Graham.

Dave Roberts developed the first comprehensive hiking map of the Belknap Range, pioneered and blazed new trails, and perhaps more importantly, brought to the public descriptions of the many fascinating scenic, natural, recreational and historical resources to be seen in the Belknap’s . Dave’s map is a “gold mine” of information and any visitor to the Belknap range would greatly benefit by becoming familiar with it. You will find several of his photos and descriptions on this site.

Hal Graham, the President of BRATTS (Belknap Range Trail Tenders), has provided valuable advice that has helped make the maps and trail descriptions on this site as accurate as can be. More significantly he has contributed thousands of hours of his time maintaining the trails in the Belknaps, both by his own efforts and in leading a group of enthusiastic volunteer “Trail-Tenders”. Those who use these trails owe Hal and the BRATTS a hearty “thank you.”

Lastly, it is important that I recognize the efforts of many who have provided me with the “GPS tracks” and trail descriptions you see on this site. These include: Steve Zimmer, Rick Andrews, Dan Tinkham, Ron Klemarczyk, Mike Ware, Alan Sherwood, Don Watson, Steve Schor, Dana Mitchell, Nanci Mitchell, Everett Ricker, Don Hughes, Bob Knoll and others.

It is my hope that this site will be a dynamic one which is updated often with photographs and new information on trails and features in the Belknap Range.Those interested in contributing to this site can write to me at weldon@belknaprangetrails.org.

Lastly, I should point out, that although I used care to ensure the accuracy of information on this site, neither I or any contributor to this site is responsible for any errors or omissions and certainly not for anyone’s misuse of the maps or trail descriptions found on this site.

Weldon Bosworth – April 2014