Vista Trail

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Trail Name: Vista Trail
Gilford, NH
Trail Description: Southern New Hampshire Trail Guide. 3rd Edition. 2010. Compiled and Edited by Gene Daniell and Steven D. Smith. Appalachian Mountain Club Books. Boston, MA.
The Vista Trail (blazed yellow), provides access to open ledges on the southeast ridge of Piper Mtn. Marked by a sign, “S. PIPER, SWETT,” it diverges to the east from the Piper-Whiteface Link near the south end of the Piper Mtn. summit ridge. It soon swings right and descends moderately over ledges and through patches of woods, with some views to the southwest. At 0.3 mi. it levels in a spruce grove, then emerges on an expansive area of open ledge with wide views south and east, where the blazes end. A line of cairns extending southeast down the ledges marks the beginning of an obscure trail to Swett Mtn., a lower spur along the ridge.

Distance from Whiteface- Piper Link (2,010 ft.) to:

  • ledges on southeast ridge of Piper Mtn. (1,870 ft.): 0.4 mi. (0.6 km.), 0 ft. (rev. 150 ft.), 15 min.